What if Today was your Last?

Give your time the value it deserves with Timecampus.

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The Time Management Platform for you & me


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Why Timecampus?


Manage your Goals, Calendar, Appointments, Work all at one place


We listen for events from multiple channels, be it Whatsapp, Google Chrome, VSCode, Gitlab and many more

Vendor Neutral

We have a commitment to never lock you or your data in to our service. We will be providing ways for you to lift and shift the data whenever and wherever you want.


It's your data that we collect. So, we take security very very seriously. We aim for high level of security standards and follow standards like SSL Encryption, OAuth 2 and much more.


We enable you to extend and build on top of our platform and share it with the community using our specialized GraphQL APIs, SDKs and , Connectors


Where you are, you will find us. We provide support in multiple platforms like Web, Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and more.

The 3 phases of Time Management

We take care of all the 3 phases for you so that you can just focus on what you want to do with the time you have