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Timecampus is a time management platform for users and businesses.


Timecampus has been built to make sure that all of us give our Time the importance it really deserves.

There are 3 phases to Time Management:

  1. Observe
    Collect data from different sources on how your time is spent
  2. Analyze
    Derive insights and generate recommendations by analyzing the collected data
  3. Optimize
    Act as a personal assistant to you to actually helping you in saving time and optimizing your workflows depending on your domain by providing pointed solutions (a.k.a Applets)
And that is what Timecampus truly does.

The beta version of Timecampus is scheduled to be released on August 15th 2020

In addition to being a unique player in the market, these are some other things which really make us unique:

  1. We are an All-Remote company with no physical offices
  2. We adopt the Zero-Trust (a.k.a Beyondcorp) and Defense-in-Depth security standards for all our products
  3. We run on the latest bleeding-edge and Open Source Tech Stack and are truly Cloud-Native. We have adopted Microservices, DevSecOps, Infrastructure As Code, Material Design, Web Components, GraphQL and more which makes us stand out amongst other products in the market.
  4. We support multiple platforms including the Web, Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, Linux, Voice Assistants, Messaging and even more to come since we aim to be where users really want us to be.
  5. We offer truly elastic pricing with no upfront commitments. You pay only for what you really use and the more you use, the more discounts you get making it really economical for users. We also offer credits for all our new users so that they can try out all the features they want and even cancel the subscription any time they don't want without any hiccups.
  6. We are working towards our compliance to GDPR, CCPA and other standards to offer our customers true confidence in us and the services we provide.
  7. We offer a complete developer platform along with tools for developers and businesses to build on top of our platform and extend it to provide amazing user experiences and also drive mutual business growth.
  8. We believe in complete transparency. We try to stick as much as possible to Our Handbook for all the things we do and make sure that it is updated at regular intervals thus making it a single source of truth for us.
  9. We also believe in collaborative development taking the inspiration from all the open source communities. We publish the specifications of all the products and features that we build publicly on Github for people to provide feedback, suggestions and criticism and that is how we prioritize/iterate on things.
  10. We also try to give back as much as possible to the community, open source software and our customers through a lot of initiatives as part of Timecampus Education, Timecampus OSS and Timecampus Foundation as we try to build a true healthy ecosystem around us. If we grow, we grow together.
  11. In alignment with our vision, we also provide consultancy on Time Management and Workflow optimization for businesses to help them accelerate their growth by orders of magnitude which can in-turn drive increase in revenue directly/indirectly.